How do Pre Orders work?
If at any time you want your money back before we ship, just reach out and we will refund you in full =D

Why a spinning knife?
Meteorite is designed and built by knife makers in San Francisco, who love fidget toys and are knife collectors ourselves. Fidget toys are great for helping you focus, and serve as an outlet for nervous energy. If you bite your nails, have too much energy to sit still, or find yourself procrastinating, the Meteorite Spinner is a great tool. It's designed for everyday carry and makes itself useful by serving as a great blade.

Is it safe?
Knives are not toys. And we've gone through various iterations to make sure our product is just as safe as any folding knife. We've gone through thousands of spins and have refined the geometry and spring force to securely hold the blade in place. We've done our best, now use caution!

Does it wobble?
We've counter-balanced the knife so it spins as smooth as some of our favorite spinners. You will not receive a product that you're not satisfied with, or money back.

Are the bearings pressfit or glued?
They are pressfit!

Will other materials be available?
If there is another material you're interested in, please leave a note on our contact form. There has been a good amount of interest in Titanium. We're looking into it. You can join our email list if you want an update on this!

Buttons and overall dimensions?
The buttons are screwed into the scales. When closed, the knife is 3.2" long x 1" wide x 0.62" thick. If you have smaller hands, you will be able to spin it one handed. If any questions, please reach out! If you've pre ordered it and don't like it, we'll give you your money back.